We're not just another
'award-winning agency'

We're all about cosmic fun and bold ideas!


Starting in 2023, we are Cosmic Creative Studios a dynamic team with a flair for reimagining the digital realm!

Cosmic Creative Studios is where we break all the rules, have a ton of fun, and turn those crazy ideas into reality. Our mission is pretty straightforward: we're here to make the impossible possible, one creative idea at a time, and our exceptional team is geared up to assist you in unleashing your inner creativity and turning it into something truly amazing.

Cosmic Creative Studios wasn't just born in 2023, it was the beautiful collision of two passionate souls. Aymane, a seasoned creative designer, dared to leap from the corporate nest and chase his agency dream. Louise, a digital marketing wizard with a graphic design flair, was his co-pilot on this thrilling venture.

Aymane Yacine & Louise Cecil Owners of Cosmic Creative Studios Website & SEO Agency in Surrey

Together, we're not just an agency; we're a family fueled by a shared passion for crafting digital experiences that ignite, connect, and inspire. While Aymane wields his design magic to transform pixel dreams into tangible realities, Louise navigates the marketing cosmos, ensuring every project reaches its full orbit.

Transparency is our guiding star, keeping you in the loop at every stage. We believe in collaborating, not just delivering, because ultimately, your success is ours. Join our Cosmic family, and let's redefine the digital landscape, one story at a time.

Aymane & Louise, Cosmic Co-Pilots

Embarking on a digital voyage in 2023, we've quickly grasped the essence of what it means to be truly cosmic.


Heart Over Profit

We prioritize genuine connections and honest interactions. Doing what's right stands at the core of our decisions. Even if it means taking the longer route, we choose integrity and respect every time.

Crafting the Cosmic Team

Building a team isn't just about skills; it's about synergy. We seek those who resonate with our ethos, combining expertise with passion to create digital magic.

Forging Bonds, Not Just Deals

For us, it's not about a one-off project. We envision long-term partnerships, deeply invested in every client's digital success story.

Beyond the Stars

We don't just meet expectations; we aim to transcend them. Challenging the norm, we constantly explore innovative avenues in the digital realm.

People at the Core

Humility and empathy guide our interactions. Clear communication and understanding are our tools, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.

Before you embark on this journey with us, here's a snapshot of our universe

Local Roots Universal Reach

Our heart beats in Horley, and our digital prowess spans the UK and beyond. If you're in the Horley or Surrey area, let's meet up for a coffee and chat!

Masters of Our Craft

We're not just about creating websites; we're about crafting digital stories. From builders to gardeners and everyone in between, we dive deep into the essence of every business, turning their unique tales into digital masterpieces.

Beyond WordPress

While many are still anchored to WordPress, we're sailing the digital seas with Shopify, Webflow, and custom coding. Every project is a tailored journey, charting its own course in the vast digital ocean.

Value Without Compromise

Quality doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. We're all about delivering top-tier digital services that offer genuine value. Stellar results shouldn't cost the earth.

Our Journey
So Far

Blasting off in 2023, our passion has been our guiding star. A family-driven venture, we're all about creating digital marvels with heart.

Small Team
Galactic Impact

We're a tight-knit crew with expertise as vast as the universe. And when it comes to delivering the best, we ensure everything is done in-house, keeping the quality cosmic and consistent.

Don't just take
our word for it

" Amazing service, extremely helpful and always ready to help with anything I needed for my new website!! 10/10 would recommend!!"
Costa Alexopoulos
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